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Every winter it strikes some part of the ice fishing belt:  Heavy, deep snow.  Such conditions can make fishing with standard, low profile, underwater style tip-ups a challenge, because they’re not very visible when concealed by deep snow.

The answer?  HT’s high-profile tip-ups!  High standing units such as HT’s Maine Trap, Explorer Magnum, Frontier, Mammoth or Arctic Bay Polar are ideal.   The bodies of these tip-ups are extra high, and the flags are mounted to the top of these already elongated sets, so they stand super tall and are easily visible in even the deepest snow and more easily seen in blustery conditions.  The Arctic Bay Polar even features the Polar Tube Mechanism, so unlike most traditional wood cross style tip-ups, it’s guaranteed against freeze up! 

Combine any of these units with a thermal hole cover, and you won’t have to ever worry about blowing snow filling in your holes, either.