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Randy J. Cornell

CWO4, USCG Retired

Licensed USCG OUPV/6 Captain

Michigan Inland Water Pilot

“The Walleye Wanderer”

CARMA Sport Fishing Charter Service

A second generational Charter Boat Captain, trained and taught over decades of days spent on Lake Michigan in pursuit of Coho and King Salmon, Lake and Brown Tout and the elusive Steelhead provided the classroom for an education of life revolving around sharing fishing experiences with others. Those elementary skills, not that they are elementary by any sense of the word, served to cause a desire to expand the range of continued experience and education to include not only freshwater species but the saltwater classroom of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, the Gulf of Alaska, Biscayne Bay and Prince William Sound. As well as a 10 plus year span as a Semi Professional Bass Angler pursuing Large Mouth Bass from Lake Okeechobee, Lake Seminole, Lake Murray, Buggs Island, Lake Gaston, and Lake Anna, just to name a few. All providing an educational experience that spanned the entire United States both fresh and saltwater from the reaches of the furthest Southeastern to the isolated area of the farthest Northwestern coast lines of the country while serving a 29 year career in the United States Coast Guard. Ultimately forming a lifelong education in experiences related to hunting, fishing, camping, snowmobiling, and travel as well as the desire to share those experiences with others, and establishing a platform to share my fishing experience with other as an Inland Lakes Fishing Guide specializing in both open and hard water applications.