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Wil Wegman

Since the mid 1980’s, Wil Wegman of Bradford Ontario has been one of Canada’s top ice fishing sticks. Wil credits a large part of his success to his relationship with HT Enterprises which spawned back in 1987, shortly after he began teaching ice fishing courses at local colleges. He taught these evening classes at various campuses of Seneca and Georgina College from 1986 to 2006. Wil was a member of Canada’s National Team at the World Ice Fishing Championships in 1991. He has several top ten finishes in the Canadian Ice Fishing Championship and won the 2006 Perch Trap Attack on Lake Simcoe. In 2011, Wil and his son Izaak placed 1st in the MS Perch Tournament on Lake Simcoe that saw over 75 teams compete and the following year he was 3rd when twice that many came out to play. Wil is an award winning freelance writer with many ice fishing articles published in such magazines as: Ontario out of Doors, Outdoor Canada, Real Fishing, Big Jim’s Just Fishing and In Fisherman. He’s the fishing columnist for Lake Simcoe Living Magazine. Wil’s home lake is Simcoe and he has extensive knowledge of this, the most intensively fished inland lake in Ontario so he is often contacted for quotes about the lake and its fishing. Ironically, most of the fishing pressure on the lake occurs between Jan 1 and March 15th- when more people fish the lake then the rest of the year combined! With all these anglers tossing a myriad of baits and lures down their holes, Wil has developed a finesse approach to catching this lake’s top gamefish. “These techniques would not be nearly as effective without the incredible array of lures, rods, reels, line and other tackle that HT has available for keen ice anglers like me,” says Wegman. Wil has been a guest on several ice fishing radio and TV segments over the years, including The Weather Network, CTV Barrie, Angler and Hunter Radio, Renegade Radio, and the Outdoor Journal Radio Hour. He has been on Bob Izumi’s Real Fishing Show fishing yellow perch on Lake Simcoe and big lakers and whities on Lake of the Woods. Every year, Wil continues to provide ice fishing seminars featuring HT products to ice anglers across southern and central Ontario. For More information ... or to contact Wil, log onto his Focus on Fishing site at:

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